Bold Art

Bold Paintings

Bold large abstract paintings using acrylics, oil paints, crayons, household paints and collage.   

Current Collections:

  • Maritime Winter
  • Heading South
  • Exotic Life
  • A New Day
Maritime Winter

Whether it’s the mysterious, deep and dark ocean with it’s secret stories, or energy from a walk on the beach withstanding ‘the elements’, the Sea always has a special fascination to me!

Loose, deliberating strokes are contrasted by collage elements of my monotype screen practice, creating a variety of dynamics.

Mixed Media on Canvas 100 cm x 100 cm

Heading South

The first signs of spring and summer and the colours I choose become fresher and more vibrant.  These works have a certain ‘beach feel’, to keep at home year round.

Mixed Media on Canvas 100 cm x 100 cm


Time for Mangoes and more!

The height of the summer is a celebration of yellow in my works.  The sun is everywhere, particularly in my mind. So fun!

Mixed Media on Canvas 100 cm x 100 cm


The collection was in homage to my native country, Germany, particularly in remembrance of my grand parents and many others, who managed to escape – or not – the construction of the Berlin wall.   

Mixed media on canvas.

Berlin Collection.

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