Originally from Germany and pursuing an International career in business, KIRA eventually settled in London and re-kindled her love for art practice in 2015.  She took art classes from various leading art schools in the capital and graduated with an art diploma in summer 2019,  She has been a full time artist since, exhibiting and selling successfully off and online to collectors in the US and Europe. 

Kira creates mixed media artworks on small birch board or large canvases, and complements her practice with monotype screen prints. Her artworks are contrast-rich, colourful expressions of her experience of the world around her: from a lighthearted childhood close to nature in Germany, travels to visually rich cultures such as the Middle East or natural gems like the canyons in the US, to her life now in cosmopolitan, multi-cultural urban London.

Deeply influenced by the ideology ‘anything is possible’ during her years studying in America, her paintings radiate an energetic, positive outlook on life. She aims to push her artworks towards abstraction, leaving works deliberately open-ended and intriguing to the viewer.

Intuitive, loose layers of paint, collage, and texture in her mixed media works reflect the richness of what she sees life has on offer. In every piece she aims to pass on a feeling of spontaneity, enjoying the moment, embracing life.

In line with her inquisitive mind, she combines a great variety of materials in her practice. Large canvases or boards are transformed with paints, ripped magazine images, found objects, leftover newsprint from the printing studio, crayons and ink.  Her monotype screen prints are often abstract expressions of a naive thought or an imaginative escape.  There is always a story to be told and an invitation to let the mind wonder.

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I am delighted to announce I will be exhibiting at the Contemporary Art Fair at Surrey, UK 

24th – 26th September 2021

Surrey Hall, Sandown Park Racecource, Portsmouth Road, Esher KT10 9AJ

Vanity Fair UK

Featured in the Lifestyle ‘New Finds’ section of Vanity Fair UK in May/June’21. 

M.A.D.S. Gallery – Italy July/August 2021

Exhibiting in Group Show ‘PARAISO’

23 July – 3, August, ’21



Roy’s Art Fair London 24-28 Nov 2021

Contemporary Arts Fair, Surrey, UK, September’21

Shortlisted for ’50 Shades of Red’ exhibition at Kings House Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK 

Invited to exhibit at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery ,Milano, Italy July’21


Virtual Exhibition, Essential School of Art, London
Virtual Exhibition,

Group Exhibition, Putney School of Art, London
Group Exhibition, Will’s Art Gallery, London
Group Exhibition, Design Art Concepts, Miami FL

Group Exhibition, Design Art Concepts, Miami FL

Art Studies

Executive Masters Cultural Arts,
Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2020-21

Intuitive Painting,
Essential School of Painting, London 2020

Foundation Diploma,
Putney School of Art & Design, London 2017-2019

Various classes 
at London’s prestigious Art schools, London 2005-2016

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My Process
My Process and What Inspires Me

What inspires me as an artist?  Great question! Colour and light come to mind immediately.   Growing up in the North of Germany with a more subdued ‘marine’ colour palette, I was fascinated by the contrast in vibrancy when travelling to warmer, more exotic places: the brighter, very blue skies, fabrics in popping colours, and very different sets of sun-bleached pastels outdoors.  My artworks are a reflection of this alternating pattern.   I enjoy creating ‘calm’ monochrome works at times to contrast to celebrations of colour in most of my works.  One creates more appreciation for the other.

A truly multi-cultural upbringing and enthusiasm for travel (not taken for granted at any time!) have created a deep interest in visual stimuli, languages and cultural diversity.  Based in London, a city bursting of cultural diversity and visual variety, I get inspired mostly by absorbing what’s around me, including everyday patterns and signage, as well as perspective in design and architecture.  My layered works are a celebration of contrasts, expressed in line and form, a variety of textures and materials, in addition to colour and light. The desire to find a place of ‘inspirational freedom’ is what ultimately drives me to create my Art, a ‘life in colour’.

Native Art Utah Moab


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