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KIRA BEHNERT is an international mixed-media artist based in London.   Her artworks are contrast-rich, optimistic expressions of her experience of the world around her: from a childhood in Germany, years of study in the US and travels to visually rich countries with rich cultures such as the Middle East, to her life now in cosmopolitan London. 


Deeply influenced by the ideology 'anything is possible', her paintings radiate an energetic, positive outlook on life. She aims to push her paintings towards abstraction, leaving artworks deliberately open-ended and intriguing to the viewer.  She builds up complex layers of paint, collage, and texture to reflect the richness of life's experiences, whilst aiming to capture the special quality of carefree, light-filled summers. Colour is a fascination to her, reflected in beautiful harmonies and interesting contrasts. In every piece she aims to balance visual depth and complexity with a feeling of hopefulness and spontaneity.  





  • Group Exhibition, Putney School of Art, London

  • Group Exhibition, Will’s Art Gallery, London

  • Group Exhibition, Design Art Concepts, Miami FL



  • Group Exhibition, Design Art Concepts, Miami FL


  • Arts Foundation Diploma, Putney School of Art and Design, London 2017-2019 

  • Various classes at London’s prestigious Art schools, London 2005-2016

Email:                             Phone:  +44 (0) 7738 059 559                             9 Richmond Park Road, London Sw14 8JU, UK


'Whites' - Series 2020

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YOUNG series - 2020


'Love the Day'

Mono Screen Print Series - 2020

A series of 20 unique mono prints around situations and places that impact our mood each day.   All are meant to put a happy thought into our minds.


Love The Day crossing.png

'Berlin' Series - 2019







My ‘Berlin’ series of mixed media canvases is a personal homage to my family and my birth country, Germany.  Fortunately my family escaped from East Berlin just at the start of the construction of the wall in 1961. I was always thankful for this.

To express the complexity of urban life in Berlin after the fall of the wall in 1989 and the long process of reunification, I use layers of paint, collage and printing in an abstract way.  I am inspired by the visual remnants of the wall with people’s colourful drawings and writing expressing their pain and anger at the time and the contrast with new and historic urban dwellings and life there today. 

In other ‘big city’ works, both abstract and figurative prints and paintings, I capture the special spirit and colours of summer in the city: the contrast of closely built high-rise buildings, crowded living spaces and busy offices against the carefree, light-filled atmosphere  that takes over for a few weeks of summer each year.



Series 'Memories' - 2019

'Memories' of a mix of visual impressions growing up: Nordic puristic Design vs Chinese Interior from Grand Parents Years in China.


Series 'Limitless Horizons of Utah' - 2019

'Limitless Horizons of Utah' explores the natural beauty of Southern Utah: red canyons against endless turquoise skies, mixed with glimpses of Indian Art and memories of their history.

Screen Prints 'Urban' 2019
Screen Prints inspired by urban city skylines in different places - at day and night, their beautiful range of colours and reflections in the sunlight.

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