KIRA BEHNERT is an International mixed media artist based in London.   Her artworks are contrast-rich, colourful expressions of her experience of the world around her: from a childhood in Germany/Switzerland, years of study in the US and France, to her life in cosmopolitan urban London.  An enthusiasm for travel and discovery of different cultures – places and people – has created an open mind to embrace differences – in life and in her works.

Deeply influenced by the ideology ‘anything is possible’ not matter what life throws at you, her paintings radiate a relentless curiosity and youthful adventurousness. She aims to push her painterly works towards abstraction, leaving works deliberately open-ended and intriguing to the viewer. Intuitive layers of paint, collage, and mark making in her mixed media works reflect a balancing act of real – often harsh – and dreamlike vision. In every piece she aims to pass on a feeling of spontaneity, enjoying the moment, embracing life.

In line with her inquisitive mind, she combines a great variety of materials in her practice. Large canvases or boards are transformed with paints, ripped magazine images, found objects, leftover newsprint from the printing studio, crayons and ink.  Her monotype screen prints are often abstract expressions of a naive thought or an imaginative escape.  There is always a story to be told and an invitation to let the mind wonder.

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What's on


  • April’21 Cancelled


Whilst the contemporary art fair in Newbury April’21 is cancelled, I am delighted to announce I will be exhibiting at the Contemporary Art Fair at Surrey, UK 

Details: 24th – 26th September 2021 – Surrey Hall, Sandown Park Racecource, Portsmouth Road, Esher KT10 9AJ


Mixed Media on Canvas

Current Collections:

  • Dreaming during Lockdown
  • Berlin
  • Every Day a New Day

Mixed Media on Board

Current Collections:

  • Whites 2020
  • Young – Series 2020
  • Utah – Series 2020

Monotype Screen Prints

Current Collections:

  • Out & About – Monoprint Series 2020
  • Love the Day – Monoprint Series 2020
  • Utah – Print Collection
  • Cal Beaches – Print Collection
  • At the Coast – Print Collection
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